My name is Charlene Peters and I am from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I speak English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. In my job as Director of Catechetics for the Diocese of Charlottetown, I am involved in catechesis and adult faith formation. Retreat work is especially dear to my heart.

I am excited to be part of an event that offers the opportunity to spend time outdoors in nature, connect with God and the beauty of God’s creation, and pray for and create awareness around important issues that we are facing today – poverty as manifest in lack of suitable housing and employment, mental health and care for creation. All of these issues speak to me and my desire to increase awareness and action in all of these areas. Affordable housing and meaningful just employment opportunities, in particular, resonate with me because I have been in the situation of needing both.

We will begin the ride in St Peter’s Bay and pause to ask God’s blessing on this journey with a spirit of hope. Our final prayer stop will be back where we began, praying for our mission of our baptism as we go forward from this event.