I appreciate that this initiative connects religious life with the broader Church and world using a common activity on a bike. I like the visual of a bike ride and the journey of life and mission.

My commitment to religious life led to a committee planning this event. Ever since I entered the Congregation of Notre Dame, I have ended up in situations I would have never predicted – study, ministry and now cycling!

On the day of the ride, we will be praying about some of the important issues facing us at this time. We will begin in St Peter’s Bay and pause to ask God’s blessing on this journey with a spirit of hope. Throughout the ride, we will pray using themes of poverty as manifest in lack of suitable housing and employment; mental health and care for creation. Our final prayer stop will be back where we began, praying for our mission of our baptism as we go forward from the ride.

In campus ministry, I get to walk with young and not so young adults as they move from the challenge and comfort of formal education to the reality of the search for employment, student loans and their hopes and dreams to make our world a better place. This year, Covid-19 only adds to that stress. I will be participating, praying for our recent grads – for employment, for housing and for health!

Sr. Susan Kidd, CND